My Shepard & John Ancestors

What's New (past 30 days)

6 Jan 2018

Updated the tree today. Lots of data over the year has been added to my tree. I still haven't added any pictures to DeadFred or AncientFaces. The excuse is still that it is another time consuming project, that I can only do when I have the time. There will be no trip to Salt Lake City this year. Instead we are heading over to Washington state to chill out on the west coast. Pure vacation.

27 Jan 2017

I learned how to attach .pdf files to my records on this site, so will be continuing to add documents as time allows. Today lots of photographs were added, mostly of headstones, but a few others of interest. While I have been busy posting family images on my instagram account (because it is very simple and quick to do), I haven't added any to my recently created DeadFred and AncientFaces accounts. That is another time consuming project that I can only do when I have the energy to sit down and do it. Eventually. I am planning another trip to Salt Lake City this June so I will be busy, on and off, deciding what to research and basically getting my ducks in a row.

30 Dec 2016

I have updated my tree again. I will also be adding new photos and documents soon.

1 Oct 2016

AFTERTHOUGHT: Recently, to increase the exposure of our family photos, I have started accounts with DeadFred, Instagram (jenbumann, #jensancestors) and AncientFaces.

30 Sep 2016

See, I updated the family tree already. Even managed to get certain notes, like census records, to show up this time. Added lots more pics and documents last weekend, will continue to do so as time goes by.

24 Sep 2016

This website is what is new! All sparkly and glowing. I have been adding images to the site this weekend and plan on adding documents too, both of which were real pains in the toocas to do before. With this new site, it will be a breeze.