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51 /92 Family F80
52 /99 DUCKETT, Mary (I3031)
53 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F1934
54 1. Deborah Ankrom3 was born in Frederick County, Maryland, in 1772, and died on May 8, 1856, in Tyler County, Virginia. She was 84 years of age and is buried on their farm. She married William George in Ohio County, Virginia. He died on August 12, 1858, and he, too, is buried on their farm. ANKROM, Debra (I632)
55 1. (7) Ola Olson from Farm 5 (1693-1760) began working the farm in 1721, but it was first marked out with boundary stones in 1738, and the odel conveyance from his brother is dated 17 March 1739. Ola engaged in
trade and was cited for "shopkeeping" in 1733.

Married 1715 to Kari Ellingsdtr. (1692-1772), called Espeland at the time of the marriage.

a. Anna Reiseter (below).
b. Marita (1718-96), m. 1753 to Sjur Knutson Espe Farm 1.
c. Guro (1719-92), m. 1746 to Nils Jakobson Rogdo Farm 1.
d. Kristi (1724-97), m. 1746 to Ola Toreson Y. Meland U. Farm 2.
e. Brita (1727-1800), m. 1761 to preacher Håkon Knutson Brattespe
Farm 2.
f. Kari (1734-1811), m. 1756 to Per Asbjørnson Åkre Farm 1. 
56 1. Alt Death, 9 May 1783, Kent, Litchfield Co., Connecticut HATCH, Rebekah (I482)
57 1. Feb 16th 1756 Taken up by Abner Baldwin in a suffering condition one white colored boar about one year old entered March 7th 1756.

1. December 8 1757 Taken up by Abner Baldwin three sheep one large ram white cooler marked with a slit the underside of each ear.
one large horned white ew marked with a cross of each ear & a slit in the end of the left ear and a slit the underside the right ear
one white ew marked with two holes through the left ear
entered december 19th 1757

2. May 16 1758 Taken up by Abner Baldwin a black mare natural ?? ?? fourteen hands high shod on al her feet branded on the left shoulder with this figure [image drawn] entered May 13th 1758.

1. Taken up by Captaincies Abner Baldwin a white boar of about a year old having some black spots on hi & one ear lopd. no marks entered 12 march 1779. [Abner or his son?]

Abner Baldwin junr., shows up on image 61 of 850, in 1790 registering an ear mark. 
BALDWIN, Abner (I335)
58 1. Jon Sekse paid taxes 1603-31.

Married to Jorild Endresdtr.

a. Askjel Sekse (below).
b. Per, resident Ø. Sekse Farm 1. 
SEKSE, Jon (I2552)
59 1. Oddmund Oddmundson Måkestad br. 5 (1820-80), festa plasset Strondè 8/6 1853. Fødde i 1875 1 ku, 1 kalv, 7 sauer, sådde 3 tnr. poteter.
Gift 1. 1851 m. Kristi Larsdtr. Åkre br. 1, pl. I (1827-75).
a. Oddmund (1851- ), utv. U.S.A. 1871. Our Amund who emigrated to the United States
b. Guro (1854- ). [moved to Bergen in 1879 according to church records]
c. Kristina (1856- ), g. 1882 n. Torstein Olson Kambestad br. 2, utv. U.S.A. [emigrated to US in 1887 according to church records.]

Gift 2. 1877 n. Torbjørg Asbjørnsdtr. Kråkevi br. 3 (1840-1910). Barnlause.

1. Oddmund Oddmundson Måkestad Farm 5 (1820-80) contracted for the place Strondè 8 June 1853. In 1875 fed 1 cow, 1 calf, 7 sheep, set out 3 bbl. potatoes.

Married 1. 1851 to Kristi Larsdtr. Åkre Farm 1, Pl. I (1827-75)

a. Oddmund (1851- ), emigrated U.S.A. 1871. Our Amund who emigrated to the United States
b. Guro (1854- ). [moved to Bergen in 1879 according to church records]
c. Kristina (1856- ), m. 1882 to Torstein Olson Kambestad Farm 2, emigrated U.S.A. [emigrated to US in 1887 according to church records.]

Married 2. 1 May 1877 to Torbjørg Asbjørnsdtr. Kråkevik Farm 3 (1840-1910). No children. 
60 1. Per Jonson Aga farm 1 (1673-1721) came here around 1710. He owned 1 sp. 14 mrk. butter in his farm, some of this he had inherited with his wife. From the account books of his uncle, Ole Pedersen Helleland, we see that Per got both grain and money "on faith" from him. When he died the farm was assigned to Jørgen Brose and Lars Bleie for debt. Probate 6 Dec. 1721.

Married 1700 to Begga Jonsdtr. Y. Meland U. Farm 3 (1680-1747).

a. Marita (1700- ), single 1721.
b. Anna (1702- ), single 1721.
c. Ivar (1705-82), resident Tokheim O. Farm 3.
d. Åsa (1710-1804), m. 1743 to Odd Vigleikson Kvestad Farm 3.
e. Lars (1712- ), living in 1721. 
JONSON AGA, Per/Peder (I2534)
61 1. The name of EDMUND LINSEY (1686-) and ELIZABETH BEASLEY (1725-) as the parents of DAVID LINDSEY (c.1720-c1782).....Do you have a source noted for these names and for the names of their other children ISAAC and NIMROD. Did they all come to America with DAVID LINDSEY? Looks like you have ELIZABETH BEASLEY born 1725, she could not have been DAVID'S mother as he was born before this date! Or is this her death date? Do you know where they were born? I have a copy of a letter dated 1758 sent by DAVID LINDSEY from IRELAND. Which means that he and all his children arrived in PA after this date. BEASLEY, Elizabeth (I303)
62 1. Was the first to settle in what is now the Jacksonburg territory making his home there in 1805. At that time his nearest neighbors were at New Martinsville Fort and Mannington. James supposedly once walked to Richmond, Virginia to record his deed for the land which he had bought which is now Jacksonburg and that he paid 12 1/2 cents an acre for it from the government. He owned at that time 442 acres of land in 1 piece.

2. James Hays and Elizabeth Dragoo were married in 1792 and set up house keeping along Buffalo Creek near his parents, cleared and farmed the land and had five children born to them.
In 1805 James Hays took his family across the ridge and laid claim to land on the South Fork of Fishing Creek, then in Ohio County. They were the first settlers in the area and called the settlement Lot. Many years later the name was changed to Jacksonburg.
In 1814 he was issued patents by the Governor of Virginia giving him title to 400 acres at Hickory Camp and Slipy Ford. In 1817 and 1818 he was issued government patents for 400 more acres and he bought more land from individuals. He built a mill and prospered. Four more children were born to them. They lived there until they died, she on July 7 1848 and he on June 8, 1860. They are buried on the home farm in a cemetery on the north side of West Virginia. Route 20, between the twin bridges at Jacksonburg. 
HAYS, James (I94)
63 11 p. Trin: is this date in 1711 looks like he was baptized 15 p. Trin: 3 Sep LARSON OSEID, Tor (I1536)
64 11.  GEORGE WASHINGTON4 LYONS (WILLIAM3, JOHN2, ANDREW1) was born March 03, 1838 in Indian Creek, Tyler Co. WV14, and died September 17, 1930 in Indian Creek, Tyler Co. WV.  He married MARTHA JANE GEORGE, daughter of MARY GEORGE.

 ii. STEPHEN LYONS, b. June 04, 1869; d. July 31, 1884.
 iii. EDO LYONS, b. Abt. 1861, Tyler Co. WV; d. October 10, 1879, Tyler Co. WV.
 iv. MARTIN LYONS, b. September 187418; d. December 07, 188219.
 v. ELLIS LYONS, b. Abt. 1866, Tyler Co. WV; d. September 20, 1867, Tyler Co. WV. Tyler County, WV death records list the death of Ellis Lyons, son of George, as 9/20/1867, age 1
 vi. MINERVA LYONS, b. Abt. 1868.
20. vii. WILLIAM LYONS, b. Abt. 1870; d. May 30, 1946, Wick, Tyler County, WV.
 viii. SIMON LYONS, b. Abt. 1873.
 ix. NANCY LYONS, b. Abt. 1874; m. WILSON.
 x. LANDORA LYONS, b. Abt. 1877; m. MCINTIRE.
 xi. JULIA LYONS, b. Abt. 1879.
 xiv. GEORGE LYONS, b. July 25, 1874; d. October 01, 1895.
above found at: 
LYONS, George W (I892)
65 11th p. Trini: LARSON AASE, Torvild (I1294)
66 12 Jun according to emailed notes from Irving O’Leary; 28th June death registration SMITH, Sophia Maria (I2315)
67 12 or 23 can’t tell in record TORBORNSON BØRVE, Ole (I1811)
68 12 Trin. ASLAUGSEN, Gunnar (I2949)
69 1603 NEHGR v64p354 death entry from parish registers SCARLETT, Elizabeth (I3018)
70 1627 WARREN, Daniel (I3013)
71 1629-1632 WADSWORTH, John (I2656)
72 1643/94 FAY, Bathshebah (I2724)
73 1644/45 BRIGHAM, John (I2718)
74 1649 arrived in New Netherlands
1687 Sep 30 Made oath of Allegiance in Kings County, he had been in New Netherlands 38 years.
1657 Magistrate, Flatbush, Kings County.
1662-1663 magistrate, Flatbush, Kings County.
1670 Feb 7 was allotted, in pursuance of the patent of Flatbush, 25 morgens in said town between the land of Jan Hansen Van Noostrand & Adr. Hegeman, with plain land & salt meadows, (vAp16 Flatbush)
1677 Mar 26 One of the original settlers in Patent of New Lots, Kings County, NY
1680 Apr 2 Lot 15 and 16, New Lots, Kings County, NY with two of his sons, Hendrick and Jacob.
1681 Chosen to represent New Lots as an Elder in the Dutch Reformed Church, Flatbush
1687 Flatbush, Kings County, NY (New Lots was part of Flatbush until 1852)

Will Abstract:
1 Oct 1687 Van Boerum, William Jacobse of New Lotts, entire estate to wife Geertie Hendrickse, upon her death to be equally divided among their four children: Hendrick, Geertruy, Jacob and Hillsgout. He further bequeaths 100 gilden in wampum money to eldest son Hendrick, and 300 to his daughters "daffher" Gerritie Gerritse. Wits. John Barentse Blom and Garrit Dorlant. Proved 3 Oct 1688. Liber 1 Conveyances p 110. Kings County, N.Y., Wills.

As printed in the NYGBR, 123, Reformed Church of Haarlem, 05 Apr 1643:
Willem Jacops j.g. van Burum woon[ende] tot Amsterdam met Geertje Hendricx j.d. van Gogh woon[ende] inde Schachestraet testes Jan Janssz woon[ende] inde Schachestraet Styntje Jacops huys[vrouw] van Roelof Janss woon[ende] inde Hoochstraet**
**(Willem Jacops young man from Burum, living at Amsterdam, and Geertje heyndricx, young woman from Gogh, living in the Schachestraet [in Haarlem], witnesses Jan Janssz living in the Schachestraet, Styntje Jacops wife of Roelof Jans, living in the Hoochstraet) in margin; getrout den 19en April 1643. [3] 
VAN BOERUM, Willem Jacobse (I3273)
75 1650-1660 ASHMAN, Richard (I3004)
76 1650/51 BRIGHAM, Hannah (I2719)
77 1653/54 BRIGHAM, Samuel (I2720)
78 1659 17 Jan; Gerrit Janszen van Campen, Soldaet; Macktelt Stoffels, wid Anthony Lodewyck [Records of the Reformed Dutch Church in New Amsterdam and New York these are banns not a marriage record so married after this date] Family F2277
79 1659/60 WELLES, Governor Thomas (I2676)
80 1663/1664 Elizabeth (I1724)
81 1665 according to NEHGS online database of Springfield marriages, transcribed, not original image. NOBLE, Deacon Thomas (I566)
82 1679 24 Dec; Jan Broersse Decker, wid Heiltie Jacobs, liv Marbletown; Willemtie Jacobs, wid Jan Cornelisse, of Gottenburgh, liv Kingston. [Kingston, New York, Dutch Reform Church marriages 1660-1809] This is Jan’s second marriage after Hieltje died. Family F2276
83 1687 23 Jul; Jan Geritzen, jm, born Kingstown; Titjen Deckers, jd, born Kings Town [Kingston, New York, Dutch Reform Church marriages 1660-1809] Family F2189
84 1687, Aug. 7. First banns. Dirk Van der Karre, y.m., and Feytje Claasz [van schaak?], from Kinderhook. Family F2378
85 1690, Jan. 8. Ariaantje, of Dirk Van der Kerre [and Feitje Claasz?]. Wit.: Johannes Abeel. Presented By Jannetje Papendorp. <—baptized VAN DER KERR, Ariaentje (I3065)
86 17 a. Trin:  KRISTENSON OSEID, Lars (I1543)
87 17 Nov 1701 - Talbot Co., MD Liber RF #9, f 106 Deed of Gift from William Jump to daughter Elizabeth Feaye, wife of George Feaye, son-in-law to me... a parcel of land out of a tract of 500A called "Jump's Chance"... if she die without issue, land to go to my son William.
• 10 Nov 1703 - Talbot Co., MD; Will of William Purnell witnessed by Wm Jump, Susanna Draper, Geo Daugherty, and George Fee (Talbot Co., MD Will Book 3, p 23). [This might be the father of this George Fee. The father and William Jump were of the same generation]
• 30 Jan 1716 - Dorchester Co., MD, Liber FF #7, f 386. Patent to Peter Taylor, 1500 A called "Glascoe" 100 A of which was assigned to George Fee.
• 13 Aug 1717 - Kent Co., DE Bk H, pp 98/99; From Moses Whittaker to George Feay 150 A of land north of Philadelphia. Consideration: forty eight pounds of lawful money of Pinsilvania (sic).
• 26 Aug 1724 - Queen Anne's Co., MD, Liber I. K. B., p 267; George Feay of Dorc. Co., planter, and wife Elizabeth to Thomas Swan of Talbot Co. Consideration 2,000 lb tobacco, 50 A of land, part of "Jump's Chance" on north side of Tuckahoe Creek. Willed by William Jump to daughter Elizabeth.
• 22 Nov 1726 - George Fay of Dorchester County, MD, wife Elizabeth, and George Feay, Jr., their eldest son, sell to William Swan for 4500 lb tobacco 100 acres called "Jump's Chance." (Queen Anne's Co., Liber I. K. C., p 81)
• 1727 - Dorchester Co., MD, Vol 5, 8 Old, pp 159-161; from George Feay of Kent Co., Supera Delaware and Elizabeth his wife to Richard Smith, 100 A "Glascoe" for the sum of twenty one pounds current silver money of MD.

Pearson84 speculates that the Parent of these children was a Thomas Fee. The evidence is otherwise.

The 1701 Deed of Gift shows that George Fee married Elizabeth Jump. The 1726 sale of “Jump’s Chance” shows that George Fee and Elizabeth had a son, George, Jr. living in 1726. An extensive search of Maryland records by many people over many years shows that there was only one George Fee in Maryland after 1725 and that was George Fee who married Parnell in Queen Annes Co. in 1725 or 1726 and moved west to what became Frederick Co., MD. The will of William Fee proves that George Fee who m. Parnell, Thomas Fee who m. Margaret Hook, Elizabeth Fee whom m. Richard Ankrom, Mary Fee who m. __ Cox, and Rebecca Fee who m. ___ Jones were all his siblings and thus all the children of George Fee and Elizabeth Jump.

84. Col. Ralph E. Pearson, A History of the Fee Family (1969) [NGS Library] 
FEE, George Jr. (I2825)
88 171 Hamilton St., ward 6 SMITH, Diana/Dinah (I27)
89 1716 BARRON, Mary (I3014)
90 1727 MOBLEY, John Jr (I653)
91 1746 according to index of original records FARRINGTON, Judith (I309)
92 1753 Mar. 4. After 3 B[anns]. Gerrit Rosa, y[unmarried] m[man]., of Es. and Annatje Becker, y[unmarried].d[woman]., of K[ingston]. Family F2184
93 1759 in Virginia.

He was a Revolutionary War Veteran and a companion of Daniel Boone.

He witnessed the land grant of Closs THOMPSON Sr. and Jane JONES on 6 May 1778 200 acres on the north side of the South Yadkin River, Rowan County , North Carolina (joining Richmon Pierson's survey on the east, Samuel Busey's land on the west, and James Wallie's entry on the northeast. Closs received North Carolina Land Grant #155 @ 50 shillings per 100 acres on 21 March, 1780. The surveyor was Griffith Rutherford . James Lee and Closs Thompson, Jr. signed the survey as chain bearers. The land was bounded on the east by the land of Laurence Thompson who is thought to be a brother to Closs, on the west by SamuelBusey and on the west by James Wallace. Laurence Thompson apparently bought this land at about the same time Closs was getting this grant because on the original entry certificate [May 1778], the land on the east was owned by Richard Pearson, but by the time of the survey [July 1779] it was owned by Laurence. This land was later (1836) in Davie County).

On 20 Aug 1783, Private James Lee was given the first of three land grants by the State of Virginia . The second grant was dated 4 January 1785 and the third, 3 May 1822. Each was for 100 acres.12 He married Mary Elizabeth “Polly” Jones. (Could this have been the daughter of John Jones?) circa 1784 Virgina or Kentucky.13,1 He was on the tax list on 2 Jun 1787 Fayette County, Kentucky (His cousin Thomas JONES Jr. was visited on the same day).14 He was living circa 1811 near the mouth of Twin Creek, Butler County , Ohio , when he was visited by Elder Wilson THOMPSON. James LEE Jr. died in Sep 1819 Prairie Creek township, Vigo County , Indiana. He was buried Prairie Creek Baptist Church Cem, Vigo County , Indiana.

The above information found online not properly sourced. 
LEE, James (I293)
94 1779 according to death record. Birth listed as in Wood County, WV. Census of 1850 indicates born in Pennsylvania. BROWN, Margret (Mary/Aunt Polly) (I1506)
95 1790 Bennington, Bennington County, Vermont details:
Bulah Billings 3(free white males-16), 2(free white males 16+), 5(free white females) 10 in household

1800 Bennington, Bennington County, Vermont details:
Beulah Billing females 1(10-15) 1(45+) 
FAY, Beulah (I1651)
96 1794-1800 using two censuses 1820-1830 CROSS, Clarisa (I2308)
97 18 at time of enlistment in 1776 in January according to pension file. There is also a DAR record source but the pension is more reliable. SHAW, James (I137)
98 1801 has her birth at about 1715, no parish record found for birth PERSDATTER BLEIE, Åsa (I1776)
99 1821
no. 30 on register page
Lars Aadsen Qvastad 33, ??? gl. forseu[?] i gift. Landrmorns maud guarsmanns Sen
[can’t read most of the above most if it is guessing]

Christi Olddatter Qvastad fra Røldal Barufad 28 aar gb ejnnasen ?ign

Ole Aadsen
Lars Johannessen Qvastad

28th December 1821 in kirken

Qvastad is Kvestad in other sources. 
Family F1345
100 1826 May 29 Monongalia County, West Virginia [deed_cleggalex_vOS10p350WV.pdf]:
Know all men by these presents that I Alexander Clegg of Monongalia County, for and in consideration of the sum of money that I am due and owing Alexander Lance and Margaret his wife and for the further consideration of one Dollar lawful money of Virginia to me in hand paid the Receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge, I have freely given, granted, bargained, sold and Delivered unto them the said Alexander Lance and Margaret his wife, all the following property to wit:

one negro woman named (Susanna) and
her two Daughters Ann <—shows up in estate inventory of Alexander Clegg in 1829**
and Malin[d]a them and their after increase, <—shows up in estate inventory of Alexander Clegg in 1829**
upwards of two hundred acres of Land in Monongalia County on Dunkard Creek being the whole tract of Land whereon I now live called Stradlers Town [now known as Pentress],
four head of horses,
eight head of cattle,
and six feather beds and beding
say furniture to the said Beds belonging

all the aforesaid property to the said Alexander Lance and his wife Margaret for and during their natural lives or the life of the survivor of them, and at the decease of both of them then to go to the children of the said Margaret that she now has or may hereafter have. To have and to Hold all the aforesaid property forever. In witness wherof the said Alexander Clegg doth hereunto set his hand and seal this 29th day of May in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight hundred and Twenty Six.

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered in the presence of us
Wm Thomas Jacob Lantz Peter[hisXmark]Yager Alexander Clegg[SEAL}

** Both of these ladies are mentioned in the Estate Inventory of Alexander Clegg:
Than is in the said bill charged two Negro girls amt $230- not sold at the public and?? but has been since sold by said Lantz to John Brookover for $280 as I have been informed… 
MINOR, Margaret (I97)

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